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How Crowns Improve Damaged or Decayed Teeth

Dr. Maria Valdes-Garcia of South Florida Dentistry provides dental crowns for patients in Miami, FL. Dental crowns can save teeth that have been damaged by trauma like a crack or chip, and teeth that have a significant amount of decay. You can replace that tooth with a crown instead of needing a dental implant. Keep reading about crowns and come see us if you have damaged teeth.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are custom-made from a ceramic material to match your smile. When you get dental crowns in Miami, FL, a decayed or damaged tooth can be saved and keep you from needing a complete tooth replacement.

Getting a crown

Getting a new dental crown in Miami, FL, can take a couple of appointments but leaves you with a strong and beautiful tooth. Your tooth needs to be sculpted first. If there is any decay, it will all be removed by your dentist until only a healthy tooth structure remains. If there is a crack or chip, the tooth will be filed past the crack so the structure of the remaining tooth is not compromised.

You may wear a temporary tooth cap while your custom crown is being made. At a final appointment, your custom crown is cemented into place and you leave with a beautiful new tooth!

Caring for crowns

When you have dental crowns in your mouth, you can take care of them by maintaining a great oral hygiene routine at home and scheduling regular dental visits. Your dentist will recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and getting professional teeth cleanings and exams twice a year. Make sure you floss in the area of your crowns to remove all debris, and if you grind your teeth at night wear a nightguard to protect the crown from damage.

South Florida Dentistry is here for you when you need dental crowns in Miami, FL. To make an appointment with Dr. Valdes-Garcia, call (305) 227-5888.

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