General Dentistry: The Benefits of Dental Bonding

General Dentistry: The Benefits of Dental Bonding from South Florida Dentistry in Miami, FLIn a general dentistry office, dental bonding is used to repair teeth that have sustained minor chips, cracks, or breaks. Bonding's benefits go beyond the repair of damaged teeth. This method of fixing broken teeth can also be used for other cosmetic purposes, such as closing a gap or changing the color of a tooth. Learn more below about bonding and its benefits in a general dentistry setting.

What are the benefits of dental bonding?

If you have sustained damage that is visible when you smile or if you have a gap between your front teeth, bonding may be a great choice for repair. Dental bonding is the term used when a dentist fixes a small chip or crack in the tooth with a composite resin material. The resin is tooth-colored and it can be formulated to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. The dentist will place the material and shape it to match the surrounding area.

If you have chipped a tooth or sustained a minor break or crack that does not affect the root of the tooth, bonding at a general dentistry practice may be a good solution for repairing this damage while getting you out of the office and back to your day as fast as possible. The following conditions may be considered for bonding:

  • Fixing minor damage such as a chipped tooth
  • Strengthening a cracked front tooth and the surrounding incisors
  • Closing a small gap between two healthy teeth for cosmetic reasons

What should patients expect during bonding appointments in a general dentistry practice?

Patients who have scheduled bonding appointments may not know what to expect if they have never damaged a tooth or experienced this type of dental procedure before. Bonding should not be painful or difficult to undergo. Consider the following tips for success before, during, and after your bonding appointment.


Patients do not have to complete any special preparation steps before the appointment. Be advised that the resin material used for bonding cannot be whitened. You may wish to speak with your dentist if you are not happy with the current color of your natural teeth.


Bonding is a relatively quick procedure that should not be uncomfortable. The dentist will place the composite resin, shape the material to match the tooth and surrounding teeth, and dry the resin with ultraviolet light.


If you are unhappy with the shape of your bonded tooth or teeth, be sure to notify your dentist. He or she can re-shape the material after it dries. You will be instructed to care for the bonded area by avoiding any sticky, tacky, or extremely hard foods that may damage it.

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General dentistry patients who have good oral health and minor damage to teeth, such as small breaks, cracks, or chips, may be excellent candidates for this procedure. Similarly, patients who wish to fix a cosmetic issue can speak to a licensed dentist to discuss whether bonding would be the most appropriate option for their situations.

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