Importance of Teeth Cleanings for Routine Dental Care

Importance of Teeth Cleanings for Routine Dental Care from South Florida Dentistry in Miami, FLProfessional teeth cleaning is an important aspect of routine dental care. In addition to practicing thorough oral hygiene habits that include regular brushing and flossing of the teeth, patients should always maintain biannual dental exams to ensure excellent oral health.

Benefits of teeth cleanings as a part of dental care

The following are a few of the numerous benefits that regular teeth cleanings offer when included as a part of routine dental care.

A brighter smile

Professional dental cleanings can help patients have a whiter smile. Teeth can become easily stained over time due to factors such as age, smoking, and certain foods and beverages. These stains can be difficult to remove at home, even with proper brushing. Regular cleanings done at the dentist can help remove these stubborn stains that cause discoloration and leave patients with a brighter smile.

Prevention of gum disease

Cleanings done at the dentist can help to prevent the development of gum disease. Plaque buildup is common, even in patients who practice proper oral hygiene. If plaque is not properly removed, it may harden into tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist with professional tools. When tartar is left untreated, it can infect the gum tissue and cause gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis, in turn, may lead to periodontitis. This severe form of gum disease can destroy ligaments and bone in the jaw and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Regular teeth cleanings also involve the thorough examination of teeth and gums, which can help to detect any dental problems as they occur and treat them immediately. These routine cleanings work as a preventative and can stop the development of gum disease.

Maintaining good overall health

Many patients do not realize the impact that dental health has on their general health. Poor oral health, particularly gum disease, has been linked to the development of health issues and may also significantly worsen preexisting health conditions. The bacteria that come along with gum disease and dental infections can lead to the development of heart disease. Periodontitis is often more severe in patients with diabetes and can lead to uncontrollable blood sugar levels, making the condition harder to manage.

Heart attacks and strokes have been linked to poor dental hygiene. This is due to bacteria in the mouth moving into the bloodstream and causing inflammation in the blood vessels. When regular teeth cleanings are included as part of routine dental care, it can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Patients should practice good oral hygiene habits and have regular cleanings at the dentist to stay healthier overall.

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Patients should always be sure to include regular teeth cleanings as part of their routine dental care. By visiting the dentist biannually for cleanings and examinations, as well as practicing proper oral hygiene, patients can maintain healthy smiles, prevent the development of serious dental diseases, and preserve good overall health.

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