What Is Considered Routine Dental Care

What Is Considered Routine Dental Care? from South Florida Dentistry in Miami, FL A crucial component of being healthy is routine dental care. When oral health is ignored, harmful bacteria can compromise the rest of the body. Healthy dental practices involve a two-prong approach of visiting the dentist regularly and continuing oral health care at home. Discover more about what is considered routine and effective dental care practices.

Regular visits to the dentist

Making biannual trips to the dentist is a foundation of routine dental care. These check-ins allow the provider to find problem areas and address them. Regular checkups may need to be more frequent than twice a year, depending on the patient's oral care, history, and underlying medical conditions that may impact the teeth. For example, people with diabetes typically need to visit the dentist more often to ensure the disease has not caused an acceleration of decay. Visits to the provider usually include some common elements.


The provider needs to get a good look at what is happening under the surface of the mouth. X-rays are taken at annual visits so the dentist can look for problem areas that are not otherwise visible. Other than cavities, X-rays may reveal issues with roots, bones, and gums.


Part of a regular dental checkup includes a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums. During this process, the hygenist uses special tools to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth and at the gumline. If plaque remains on the teeth too long, it mineralizes and becomes tartar. A buildup of tartar leads to decay and gum disease. If tartar has formed, the dentist may suggest that the patient return for a deeper cleaning of the teeth to remove it.

Exam of teeth

The dentist conducts a physical exam of the mouth. The provider checks the integrity of the teeth, the condition of the gums, and any evidence of infection. With the help of X-rays, the dentist is able to recommend treatment for underlying problems. Some issues may require more invasive intervention, such as a root canal. Fillings are the most common dental procedure performed. Removing a cavity and filling the hole are necessary to keep the patient pain-free and the bacteria from deepening its intrusion into the tooth.

Further recommendations

At the end of the checkup, the dentist generally makes recommendations as to how a patient can improve oral health practices at home. Regular brushing is crucial to keeping the teeth free of the dirt and debris that build up and cause plaque. Teeth should ideally be brushed after eating, but twice a day is acceptable. Pay close attention to brushing the gumline to ensure bacteria cannot creep up underneath. Flossing is also integral to keeping the mouth clean. It is easy for debris to collect between teeth and cause problems in the future.

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Keeping the mouth healthy stops an obvious path for bacteria to use to enter the body. Establishing routine dental care both at home and the dentist's office are two ways to shut down this route for infections. When changing unhealthy habits to improve the quality of life, do not forget about the mouth.

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